Brander Urstoff | FRESH BEER. HANDCRAFTED. SINCE 1668.
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The world of
Brander Urstoff



The history of Brander Urstoff dates back to the year 1688 when the beer was brewed for the first time in the ancient castle of Brand – located in the beautiful mountain range of northern Bavaria, Germany.

From century to century the quality of Brander Urstoff has steadily improved, controlled by the acknowledged German institute in Weihenstephan.

Brander Urstoff became famous for its quality and also for its superior taste. For sure, as a beer legend, it became very popular with beer experts.



In 2014 Brander Urstoff decided to extend its production capacities to be ready for international markets.

In summer 2016 Brander Urstoff started production in China to position its traditional beer legend as a fresh and high quality beer for the Chinese premium beer market.

Securing the highest quality standards, Brander Urstoff uses its original recipes and brews in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516.

Brander Urstoff is a traditional premium beer. It is fresh, it has the real taste and therefore really differentiates from others:



We are using German premium ingredients for our beer

We spare neither trouble nor expenses to get our Malt from the acknowledged special malt supplier “Weyermann” in Germany.

The superior and real taste of our beer bases on the premium Hops from German-based ‘Barth Haas Group’.

The fresh and pure local Water is stated to be best for brewing premium beers and is analyzed frequently by the acknowledged German institute in Weihenstephan.


Premium ingredients deserve a well-selected packaging

Our beer comes in 330 ml bottles and 500 ml cans. To protect Brander Urstoff against daylight, securing a premium quality and also to guarantee the original fresh taste of our beer we have chosen solid brown bottles.

The labels are made out of a resistant and precious paper to transmit the quality promise of our beer by its premium appearance.

Besides the bottles we are offering stainless cans that enable us to deliver our beer in the highest quality and freshness.


Tradition. Premium. Real.

A traditional German beer brand with a brewing history dating back to 1688 – beer passion for more than 300 years!

Historically brewed in an ancient castle in Bavaria – well known for its beer culture built over centuries of tradition.

Brewed locally by our partner brewery in China to guarantee freshness and the real taste.Using the original well kept traditional recipes of Brander-Urstoff.

Made out of imported German ingredients that meet the highest quality standards.

In accordance to the Purity Law of 1516. True beer – only water, malt and hops.

Actively guided and monitored by a German master brewer in China.

Permanently controlled by acknowledged German institute in Weihenstephan to secure purity of brew water and superior quality of ingredients & final product.


You brew your beer in China. Why don´t you import your beer like so many others?

We love German beer; especially our own Brander Urstoff, if we can drink it fresh; after the long transportation on ships and trucks beer loses its freshness and a serious part of its quality. Beer lovers prefer drinking fresh beer brewed in Germany or drinking fresh beer brewed in China. We support the Chinese way towards quality and sustainability.

But you also transport the ingredients to China.

Correct. We import malt and hops. But we take local brew water and Chinese packaging material to have a better eco-balance. Our Chinese brewery perfectly fits to our strict quality and production requirements.

You fill in brown bottles, cans and kegs. Is there any reason to use brown bottles?

Indeed, beer has to be protected against light and oxygen. The brown bottles secure the quality of the beer best. As we don´t use additional chemicals, that do not comply with the German Purity Law of 1516 we brew a fresh and real beer: Only by using water, malt and hops.

You use Chinese brew water?

We had the same reaction, when we came to China for the first time. Therefore our brew master took water samples himself and the brew water was tested three times before and after treatment by the acknowledged German institute in Weihenstephan. It was stated that the water fits best to brew Brander Urstoff. We are happy with that result but for sure the purity and quality control of the brew water will be an ongoing process to guarantee freshness and best quality over years.

What kind of impact does brewing in China have for distributors?

Good and really important question. As there is no long transportation from Germany to China,the shelf-life of the product is much longer and distributors have much less risk to get back the beer from retail.

Will there be other sorts of beer in the future?

Yes, of course. We start with the traditional Brander Urstoff – a fresh premium lager – and we plan to surprise our clients with additional beer sorts over the coming years. But let´s not speculate on that. Get in contact with us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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